Bathroom Renovations

A beautiful and clean bathroom adds value to our homes as well as to our well-being. If you wish to transform your old and leaking bathroom, Wilkinson Plumbing and Gas of Aldinga Beach, (specialists in bathroom & kitchen renovations) offer a whole range of services for you.

Wilkinsons Plumbing & Gas can easily:

  • change your tiles
  • re-paint your walls
  • install new and modern facilities
  • luxurious bathtubs
  • new tap-ware

Our bathroom renovations specialists offer you a whole new bathroom experience. We can even fix those leaks and clogs while we go. After all the renovations and construction mess, we properly dispose and clean up all the mess & clutter so you dont even have to lift a finger.

Our excellent bathroom renovation services conform to the highest safety standards and we offer residents, business and industry from Adelaide’s southern suburbs very competitive rates and pricing.

Wilkinson Plumbing and Gas of Aldinga Beach can provide you a free estimate to start you off on your renovations plan.

We are happy to sit with you to discuss your preferences and requirements to ensure our estimate or quote includes all charges upfront.

DIY (Do It Yourself?)

With do-it-yourself (DIY) and home renovation TV shows inspiring a culture of amateur home builders and renovators, there is a general impression that you can save money by undertaking plumbing jobs yourself. The reality in most cases is the exact opposite. Do-it-Yourself Plumbing is fraught with dangers that could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Safety issues of DIY

Personal safety should be your highest priority and many DIY tradesmen are not aware of the serious injuries and property damage risks. Inadvertently mixing pipes can cause water contamination which can affect the drinking water supply and cause your family to fall ill. Physical injury from falling off ladders is well-documented. Working with pipes near electrical wires is a serious business and inexperience can put you and your family at risk of electrocution.

While there’s no question that shower plumbing repairs and re-fits are jobs for the experts, there are still some things that homeowners can tackle in a bid to save cash. The dismantling of your old bathroom fixtures is within the reach of experienced DIYers, and once all the basics are in place, removing old fixtures and tiles is a great way to save some money.

Once you’ve rolled up your sleeves, you’ll need to isolate the water supply remove the old fixtures and existing tiles, then the old or pre-existing shower stall.

Firstly, take down the shower screen/doors. Then remove the taps and fittings remove the basin and toilet remember to tape up the drains as you go and detach the shower head pipe by gripping it near the wall and turning in a anti-clockwise direction.

The next step, if you have a moulded shower base , is to remove the plug hole, which is done by inserting pliers into the crosspiece and turning in a anti-clockwise direction. Beneath this, you’ll see a threaded connector , which connects to the drainpipe in the floor.cover this with duct tape to prevent any builders rubble blocking the drain .

Carefully chip any tiles off one by one, using a small crowbar or the back end of a claw-hammer. And lastly, remove the shower base.

This will expose the wall studs and the waterproofing membrane underneath. At this point the plumber should be called in and any water damage that has occurred over the years will need to be fixed.

We highly recommend replacing any breaching piece which are required for traditional wall taps.

Make sure your plumber knows what sort of shower you’d like installed! Be specific about where you’d like the showerhead and taps. This is also a good time in your shower plumbing project to consider relocating the taps if required.

While dismantling a shower might save you a few dollars, in the long run hiring a professional will ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. Search for a local plumber for your shower repair or re-fit:
In keeping with the trend toward wall-hung or streamlined bathroom fittings, concealed cistern toilets have become an increasingly popular choice.

Using the wall or ceiling cavity to hide the cistern, only the bowl of the toilet and buttons is visible, creating a modern, streamlined look. They utilise much less space, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms or spaces that may be awkward. And easy cleaning for wall-hung fixtures.


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bathroom renovations

bathroom renovations

bathroom renovations