Blocked Drains



At Wilkinson Plumbing and Gas, we strive to provide the best and most cost effective plumbing services to our customers and clients.

Blocked drains can turn out to be extremely unpredictable and problematic! This is why we have acquired the latest technology, our high-pressure water jetting and top quality drain clearing machines will ensure your blocked drains are cleared fast.

For persistent problems we will use our CCTV drain inspection camera and provide you with a detailed report on the problem and the best solution to fix it for good, saving you time and money in the long run.

Why Drains Become Blocked

There can be many reasons why drains become blocked, including misaligned or collapsed pipes, insufficient gradient, foreign objects and damage and or invasion from tree roots. Many blocked drain problems are inherited with the property we buy or rent and the age and quality of the work on the existing pipes.

Employing skilled licensed plumbers using CCTV for pre-purchase inspections can save you time and a lot of money for the invertible repair work later down the track. Also will help prevent some problems, but issues such as tree root problems may require removal of trees and pipe replacement.

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Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet could be a simple problem such as a flushed toilet freshener or child’s toy, or the cause could be far more complex and expensive to remedy, such as a tree root or cracked pipe that periodically collects material, causing the toilet to block. Repairing a broken or damaged pipe requires a lot more work than removing an obstruction.

How to Unblock Drains around the Home

Most plumbers agree 99 per cent of blocked drains are caused by tree roots. For the drains to work again, the roots need to be cut out. Before doing this, the plumber should get a internal drain plan of the particular drainage system from the local water authority, to check where the drain is located in the yard.

“Armed with this information, it is possible to find an access point above ground, put a cable down and simply cut out the roots,” says Phil, “(The work) should provide protection from blocked drains for anywhere from four to seven months. Once upon a time it was probably closer to 12 months, but because of the drought, trees are searching harder for water, so roots grow more quickly.”