Bursts, Drips & Leaking Taps

In today’s current environment its more important than ever before to ensure we’re all doing whatever we can to help conserve water. Our Plumbing vans are fully stocked with all the gear we’ll need to prevent any water wastes and over come your frustrations. Our general maintenance service includes tap repairs, indoor and outdoor tap replacements, leaking / burst pipes, water filters, cistern & toilet repairs, water hammer and much more…

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How to prevent Leaking Taps

Leaking taps are extremely common and annoying and in today’s world of higher water bills,will can end up increasing the cost of the repair the longer it is left . Plumbers are often called to fix leaking taps and in some states it is illegal to try and repair them yourselves, so check with your local authorities. There are three washers that could be causing the tap to drip and may need replacing: the o-ring, the body washer and the jumper valve. Over-tightening a tap causes a lot of damage to the tap seat which can eventually cause the tap to leak. To prevent damage to the tap washers, taps should only be tightened until the water flow ceases, no further.If after changing the washers it is still dripping, then the tap requires re-seating call Wilkinson plumbing & Gas today for a fast easy fix.