Gas Leaks, Installations & Repairs

Don’t risk a dangerous installation – use a fully accredited and registered plumber and gas fitter and be safe not sorry!

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are very dangerous. For safety and to save you money, gas leak detection should not be delayed. If you can smell even the faint smell of gas or your gas bill seems too high, it is possible that you have a leak.
To check for yourself, turn off all the appliances in your house that use gas, including those with a pilot. Find your gas meter and take a reading before you go to bed and then again in the morning before you use any gas appliance. If the reading has changed you may have a leak and should call us to investigate further and repair as required.

A gas leak detection system would be to firstly pressure test the line. A device called a manometer can then be used to test your pipe work from the meter. It is also possible to check the service with special gas leak detection fluid.

Gas Safety

  • If you smell gas, have it checked
  • Have your gas appliances regularly serviced usually annually
  • Check your gas pipes for rust
  • Old gas appliances and fittings may no longer be safe, have them checked
  • Check on your gas hot water heater has a pilot light cover to prevent it from going out
  • Ensure you have proper ventilation for your gas appliances

Gas Installations

A registered plumber with the necessary license, training and experience should be used for all gas-fittings. There are strict compliance regulations to adhere to so don’t risk a dangerous installation by using an unlicensed handyman or attempting a DIY. For installation and upgrade of gas meters and regulators, contact your local gas authority.

Wilkinsons Plumbing & Gas is a fully licensed and qualified plumber and gas fitter and carries out installations and repairs for residents, business and industry across Adelaide’s southern suburbs, including:

  • Leaking gas pipes
  • Gas Hot Water Systems
  • All gas piping and bayonets
  • Convert BBQs to natural gas
  • Installation of gas appliances:
    • space heaters
    • stoves
    • ovens

Always Ask For A Compliance Certificate

There is no point risking personal safety and property damage to save a few dollars. Get an experienced gasfitterfrom Wilkinson Plumbing & Gas to quote on your job and you will save in the long run.

CALL Wilkinsons Plumbing & Gas on 0404 085 923 or email or request an estimate or quote for a Gas Project.



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