New Bathroom and Kitchen Projects

WILKINSON PLUMBING & GAS operates from Aldinga Beach servicing all suburbs within a 40 km radius. We are well respected by our clients and have delivered many NEW BATHROOM and NEW KITCHEN projects from concept through to final completion and delivery.

Planning your New Home

At Wilkinson Plumbing & Gas of Aldinga Beach we recommend consulting with your plumber extensively about your options for your new home plumbing, pipes and tapware.

A floor plan detailing where you are going to put toilets, baths, taps and sinks should be drawn up. Consider where the laundry will be situated, where the showers, baths and hot water unit will go and whether there is anything else that will require water inlets and outlets.

By keeping these facilities as close as possible to each other you will be helping yourself to keep project costs down.

Most plumbers should be able to supply and install the pipework for your home’s plumbing system. When it comes to the cost of household plumbing, there are generally three tiers – cheap, middle of the road and good quality. We recommend , you should not scrimp. “The old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ as with most things definitely applies to plumbing.

Many home owners today are also interested in water-saving systems, which tend to be more expensive than standard home plumbing options.

“some of those systems take quite a period of time to justify the outlay,” says Phil, “A water-saving tank is all well and good, but greater thought needs to be given to how you actually use water… If a water-saving tank is not for you, there are other environmentally friendly plumbing products available, such as polyethylene pipes and the now-common water-efficient shower heads, taps and appliances.”

All plumbing products are given a star rating to indicate water efficiency, so look for a high water efficiency rating and we strongly recommend to go the extra mile and have all hot water pipes insulated against heat loss.

Regulations now require that the hot water from the unit, deliver hot water at a safe temperature to all bathrooms. ‘Hot water’ can be used in laundries, bathrooms and kitchens so consider whether you require tempered pipe work only to taps, or to both hot and tempered lines installed from your hot water unit.

Speaking to a plumber is the first step in any household plumbing plan, so do this as early as possible and make sure you get the most out of your new dream home!

build a new bathroom

build a new bathroom